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The Services provided by or on behalf of Bae Caviar Skincare its subsidiaries. The Service offers social sharing, photographs and other Services-related content availableto our clients from time to time through whose Content that you have viewed.

“You” and “your” means, as applicable, you and every person who uses our website to place orders through Please read these terms of service carefully before you use our website.

By using any this website, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions, any applicable terms of service, policies, guidelines and rules of Should you not agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions, you ought not use any Services offered through this website. In these Terms, the Service is only available to users of this website who have agreed to abide by these Terms & Condition, and have agreed to pay to use the Services on this basis in order to access certain Content or have been given access to buy the products advertised on this website by Bae Caviar SkinCare , although limited use of

Services are available to users that agree with these Terms and Conditions. Even if the user disagrees with the Terms & Conditions of the website, the user may have limited use of the website or and the user may not be able to fully use the Content of this website. Not all aspects of the Services, including, without limitation, certain Content and access to high-quality merchandise, will be available to the user unless the user utilizes the website to access the Services to purchase products.

Bae Caviar Skincare may change these requirements from time to time at our sole discretion. Unless we specify otherwise, you are solely responsible to meet these Terms and Conditions. Given the fact Bae Caviar Skincare Services are transacted over the Internet, you may experience, from time to time, re-buffering or connection problems. The user is responsible for any difficulty to access Bae Caviar Skincare Services through an Internet connection.

Cas de Force Majeur:

Bae Caviar Skincare will bear no responsibility for malfunctions due to Blackouts or natural disasters that may cause the website’s Content to be blacked out and not available to the user, based on where the user resides at the time of use of the website that the user may or may not be interested in buying or viewing; or, any attempt to tamper with or circumvent a blackout restriction is a breach of these Terms and Conditions may result in the ban from using the Services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions herein elucidated. Content subject to blackouts may change from time-to-time based on changes to the availability of products advertised on the website.

The user agrees to give accurate, current and complete information necessary to ensure that the user’s order (or orders) is/are shipped to the location as per the information with which the user provides Bae CaviarSkincare Products and Services. The user will be responsible for preserving the confidentiality of any information and that the shipments are received by the user or any party upon whom the user bestows the authority to stand in lieu of the user.

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